00:00'02 solo show in Brussels, Belgium (2021)
2 seconds is what we subconsciously need to take a look at the news of our social networks by scrolling through them endlessly.
2 seconds during which we see landscapes, trips, food, parties, artworks, people ... etc.
2 seconds are enough for us to get an idea.
Here, the work of the last 3 years of photo sessions, interviews and follow-ups of 7 women is shown in 2 seconds.
These 7 women were found on Instagram and selected from 1,221 million active users.
The 2 seconds of each of these women make us reflect on the destructuring of time and how the limits of time are set by each of us in a society of culture of immediacy.
By contrast, each artwork in this exhibition takes an average of 2 weeks of work.
This exhibition raises the relationship between space and time in its SPACE / TIME series where the number of seconds recorded equals the number of works by the same person.