Fabio Lopez (Madrid, 1985) known under the pseudonym DOURONE is a Spanish artist who, entered the art world at the age of 14.  As early as 1999, he devoted himself to making graffiti in the streets of Madrid, his hometown.

Already  during this period, his artistic imprint earned him the respect of peers and led him to establish various successive "crews". In addition, Dourone, who has never stopped painting in the streets, is often called upon for his brilliance, by companies and shops. It was in this context that advertising agencies were seduced by his artistic cachet and hired him for various collaborations in advertising campaigns.

His numerous talents in design and painting as well as his gift for woodworks naturally led him to work on various sets for cinema, television and advertising productions for international brands such as Pointer, Levis. , Austin Mini and Lacoste. He also took part in the creation of the sets for the fashion photographer, Eugenio Recuenco.

In 2012, he partnered with Elodie Arshak which led to a new phase in his artistic career. While continuing to create original works in the studio, the duo Dourone  focused on international muralism.

In 2014, the couple first moved to Paris but after a year of intense work in the French capital, they decided to go to Los Angeles where they created, as of 2015, 9 large-format murals including one in front of the Staples Center which will be listed as a city heritage.

Dourone then chose to leave the Parisian studio and travel for 4 consecutive years through 21 different countries and paint in 59 different cities, a total of 97 large-format murals.

At the same time, their work has been exhibited in galleries in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Paris, Los Angeles, Dubai, Geneva, Miami, Mulhouse, Atlanta, Munich, Brussels ... In addition, the couple participated in international contemporary art fairs such as Scope Miami and Scope New York, Art Elysée Paris and Moniker Art Fair New York.

In 2015, Dourone was invited to participate in the group exhibition organized by the C.A.C (Centro de Arte Contemporáneo) of Málaga, Spain.

Their numerous trips and countless international experiences enrich their humanist message on the one hand and refine their artistic proposition on the other. Moreover, this course of life course makes it possible to define the contours of the FRAGMENTED RECORD concept: a Record which reveals the adaptation of the human species to our constantly changing planet.

The Record is based on the study of breaking down the movement / time duality and the view of the emotion / feeling of humanity.

Their multiple trips and innumerable international experiences enrich their humanistic message on the one hand and refine their artistic proposal on the other.

From 2012 to 2017, they work under the concept inspired by Eduardo Galiano of SENTIPENSANTE: To think with your heart, to feel with your head.

Sentipensante pedagogy is a deep learning experience that validates culturally and addresses the harmonious balance between the development of intellectual, social, emotional and inner life skills. The pedagogy also connects the learning experience with issues of equity and justice. At this time they create numerous mural productions and paintings that unite the dreamlike imaginary with portraits of strong and profound people in a surreal environment. The high point comes in 2017 with the solo exhibition BRILLIANT SHADOWS at the Orlinda Lavergne gallery in Mulhouse, France.

From 2017 to 2021, they define the contours of the FRAGMENTED RECORD concept: a Record that narrates the adaptation of the human species to our constantly changing planet.

The Registry is based on the study of the decomposition of the movement/time duality and the vision of the emotion/feeling of humanity.

All these years of travel, encounters, experiences lived in so many countries, imbued with diverse cultures and ways of thinking, led the couple to want to establish themselves in the Registry in an artistic and lasting way.

In their artistic approach, the true protagonist of the work is the woman who, through a series of interviews, photos and videos, is at the heart of all the works created. The Dourone duo creates a series of works in different media based on photos taken in their studio of a limited number of models they have chosen to work with.

The passage of time enriches the interest of the concept thanks to the testimonies and the representations conceived of each one of the models. The Register thus illustrates an eternal fragment of our society and our time.

In 2021, they present the result of this study in a personal exhibition 00:00'02 in Brussels, Belgium.

The year 2022 marks the beginning of a much more personal artistic stage, concentrating on a subjective current vision and including graphic, design, fashion and architectural elements in which the couple is staged to invite reflection.