AUDREY 00:00,01

This collage was created in February 2020.

It is part of Space <Time Collection.

The model is (@audrey_borely)

The Print collage is created from two layers of paper, the bottom one is a 400 g paper. It serves as a basis for stiffness and the top layer is 200 g Canson paper. Printed on Canon image Prograf IPF9400 link jet 12 colors high quality final works. The total weight is 600 g.

The original print is cut into 63 Pixels with a size of 6 x 6 cm each pixel, creating a total of 38 x 56 cm (with the margins).

The printed portrait is reconstructed and pasted again creating a glich of the original image. This whole process is done manually one by one, so you can see that they are 99% identical and 1% different from each other, giving each one originality.

The edition is 30 units.